Open a blog about Multiculturalism and present a full 500-word essay on any discussed aspect of this issue

Due to: November, 3
Assessment: 100 points

WEEK 4: Case of Russia

Week 4: October, 24-30

Having observed the events 12/11/2010 what consequences and new challenges might Russia encounter?

What is the attitude of Russian citizens, think tanks, Russian authorities towards these issues?
An in-depth analysis on this problem will be helded.


After the in-depth examination of the current situation in Russia you will be given the article in Russia Today

Would you agree or disagree with the chat guest's opinion on the Russian situation? Give a summary (150 words) on this statement.

Due to: October, 26

Useful links:

Those behind violence in Moscow will be dealt with – Medvedev

Medvedev orders police to use “all legal means” to counter rioters
Clashes with police over football fan killing (Review on Events 11/12/2010 by Russia Today)
Social disadvantage meets poor policing (Interview with Vladimir Mamontov)
Russia and its multicultural experience: for and against

Assessment: essay - 20 points

WEEK 3: Calamity in Europe

Week 3: October, 17-23

Discussion of the current situation in Europe.

You are required to make a presentation on 1 European country (choose either Britain, Germany or France) with respect to the current issues of Multiculturalism and to write an essay on the topic "Islamism in Europe"

Your presentation shall contain the research based on the following:

1) evaluation of the speech of each leader
2) description the existing situation
3) the reasons and proposals by government (if any) or possible problem-solving
4) your own view on the question: Why are obvious solutions avoided?

Due to: October, 19

These links for week 3(France, Germany, Britain) contain useful information which might be supplemented by your own researches

Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe

Europe Backs Away From Multiculturalism (Attitude of different countries to Multiculturalism)
• European backlash over multiculturalism
There mustn't be any false tolerance (Interview with German MP Wolfgang Bosbach)
Discrimination blamed for Germany's “failed” multiculturalism
Go back to where you are happy (interview with noted German journalist and author Udo Ulfkotteon on immigration issue)

The Beginning of the End of European Multiculturalism (Situation in Germany)
Die Mitte in der Krise (a paper on German right-wing's attitude)
Merkel says German multicultural society has failed
Haben die Politiker selbst viele Fehler gemacht, Frau Merkel? (Interview with Angela Merkel)
Würden Sie eine Sarrazin-Partei wählen?

Great Britain
PM's speech at Munich Security Conference (The official site of the Prime Minister's Office)
State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron (Video by BBC)
Munich security conference (The official site of the Munich security conference)
Douglas Murray: Multiculturalism in Britain is 'divisive" (Interview with Neo-conservative author and the director for the centre of social cohesion )
Britain 'must scrap multiculturalism' (The Times' point of view )
The Failure of British Multiculturalism (Hudson New York' opinion)
Global debate on Cameron's multiculturalism speech


Sarkozy: No More Multiculturalism for France!
Multiculturalism 'clearly' a failure: Sarkozy
French President Nicolas Sarkozy agrees with other European leaders
Multiculturalism in France: Evolutions and Challenges

Essay: Look through these articles connected with the case of Islamism in Britain and PACE discussion on the case of Islamism and Islamophobia.

Using additional material write an essay ( app.250 words) which should explain where lies the verge between tolerance and permissiveness, violation of human rights, ultranationalism and real threats.

Assessment:   presentation - 20 points 
                        essay - 10 points

WEEK 2: Pros - Cons

Week 2 : October, 10-16

Do you support or oppose Multiculturalism? Does it really work today? 

Give your own opinion identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.


1. In defense of multiculturalism(2006)
2. In defense of multiculturalism (2010)
3. Supprot for Multiculturalism and minority rights


1. Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory
2. Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?
3. Multiculturalism doesn't make vibrant communities but defensive ones. (the more racially diverse a community is, the greater the loss of trust.)

Get acquainted with the volume of information given below. Be ready to take part in the Pros-Cons game.

Also, express your opinion on the topic "Tolerance vs. Freedom of Speech" in an essay (150-200 words).

Answer the question:  Does freedom of speech outweigh the need for tolerance toward religious communities in Europe?

Due to: October, 12

Assessment: game - 20 points
                      essay - 5 points

WEEK 1: Definitions of Multiculturalism

Week 1: October, 3 - 9

Class Discussion: Definitions of multiculturalism: is it  "a cultural mosaic" or "a salad bowl"?
Main ideas and thinkers.

Assignment 1: Make a short presentation of ideas of one of the major multiculturalist thinkers

Due to: October, 5

Some links will be of use.

1. Definition of Multiculturalism (Levels and new actors)
2. So what exactly is multiculturalism?(a short definition by a range of thinkers)
3. Multiculturalism: What does it mean?
4. Misunderstanding multiculturalism (How do we perceive social problems?)

Assessment: presentation - 20 points

Course Assignments

Having observed the 1st post of  the "Multiculturalism: Debates" "the Course Description" please get acquainted with the list of assignments you should prepare in order to succeed in the course. The course is devided in 4 parts: one part for each week accordingly.

The topics are the following:

1. Definitions of Multiculculturalism. Thinkers, theoretics of Multiculculturalism.
2. Arguments for and against Multiculturalism.  As a sub-topic: Tolerance vs. Freedom of speech
3. Calamity of Multiculturalism in Europe (3 major European countries are facing great problems)
4. Case of Russia.

In order to succeed in the course students have to
- get acquainted with the introduced information conten
- take active participation in discussions and games
- form your own point of view on the current situation

Minimum requirements for passing this course are appropriate course participation, timely submission of coursework and attendance.

During the course you will be required:

- to make  presentations;
- to participate in a game
- to prepare a statement;
- to pass an exam – a 300-word essay on any discussed aspect of this issue.

Current rating:
1) Active participation in practical sessions  - 15%
2) Presentations (week1, week 3) -  40%
3) Participation in the game  - 20%
4) Essays(week 2, week3, week 4) - 25%
5) Exam: Essay  - 100%
Total rating: Current rating*0,5 + Exam*0,5 0 /100 %